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One Piece Collars

While friends in the US and Europe are just starting to see the first whispers of Autumn, and a tempering of the heat that Summer lands us with, Hong Kong remains sticky, humid and close. Any thought of layers, of full handed wools, tweeds and shetlands, flannel trousers and cordovan derbies - all the things that make dressing the cool months a pleasure - are far from mind, and instead we look at how to stay enthused about dressing through another month of heat.

One of the great challenges dressing a professional wardrobe in a tropical climate, especially one where formality is softened in concession to the locale, is wearing pieces that appear intentionally casual, rather than dumbed down business. In Winter it’s a no-brainer - tweed and cashmere jackets, odd waist-coats, flannel trousers and double soled shoes.In Summer, linen is always a good choice, in it’s creases and rumples lies it’s informality. Soft, unlined penny loafers are a natural choice, in colours from olive to blue, tan and mid brown.

But in shirting, many guys fall back to their business collars, or a basic button down, but a choice we have become increasingly fond of is the one piece sports collar. Made with a top collar in one piece that extends through the front facing, and a bottom collar that is a single piece incorporating the stand, the beauty of the One Piece is it’s natural roll when open. While it can be worn with a tie, it’s at it’s best open under a sports coat, the bias facing giving it a different element.

It is a style intentionally more casual. Like a derby with odd trousers, it feels more correct, and makes dressing the summer, open necked, a pleasure.

Pictured - Liverano & Liverano candy stripe Linen.

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