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Nick Wooster:

" I’ve been a little afraid to ride in the street, but now the culture is shifting in the city and is more friendly to bikes. I just love the feeling of an old bike. I think there’s nothing more noble. More beautiful. 

When I was a kid, I was obsessed. I’m 53 years old. So it was in probably 1972… I was obsessed with a Schwinn Varsity, chocolate brown, 10-speed bike. And the year my parents bought our house, we were told no big presents that Christmas. But, sure enough, I got the Schwinn. I was proud of that thing. I had graduated from the banana seat and the “Sissy bar” on a Schwinn Stingray. That new bike was a thrilling, amazing gift.

But, as I grew up I immediately shed the idea of a bike because it signaled that you were a kid. I wanted to drive a car. Now, 40 years later, it is more interesting to be driving, riding a beautiful machine. Something that has a history, and gives you a lot more freedom than a car or car service. It’s a beautiful thing to see the world from a little bit higher than the average pedestrian. And feeling every nick and cranny of the streets.

I did once have a track or a bent over model, but all the things I got for my new bike are exactly the things I never wanted as a kid. It’s got a basket. Very useful. It’s got these handlebars, that force you to sit upright. In the old days it was all about looking like a racer. Hunched over the wheels. For me, biking means convenience. Biking fits my personality. A little bit understated. A little bit old.”


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