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Elegance in an Age of Crisis:  Fashions of the 1930s.


"Menswear saw both the Italian and British represented generously by loans from Rubinacci Napoli London House and Savile Row’s Davies and Son.  Luca Rubinacci and I stand together admiring a trench coat from his grandfather’s company which began in the early ’30s.  I point to the gorge of the collar and Luca tells me a story about his father’s obsession with collecting vintage London House for a family museum.

Handed down over three generations, his father acquires a Rubinacci white tie jacket made in the ’30s and most recently owned by a circus clown who patched it with bandana cloth. Luca tells his father to restore it but his father refuses telling his son, “I don’t want what it was —  I want what it became." So do I. "

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Luca Rubinacci: 

My personal style signifier is my collection of bracelets. I suppose this habit started with my parents, who give each other bracelets of simple, red silk ribbon at the beginning of every year and then wear them until they fall off. My wrist is crowded with mementos: from my girlfriend, my family, friends and from special places I want to remember. Put simply, I can see my life at a glance on my wrist: I still wear the bracelet I bought when I first visited Ibiza just after my 18th birthday; it is now 12 years old.


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