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The Sartorialist Documentary - If you have not seen this guy you have seen his pictures.  If you have not seen his pictures you have heard of him somehow.  If you have not heard of him, well here he is.  Basically he’s a photographer that goes out on the street and documents people who are dressed in a interesting manner.  This genre of photography has been done forever really, so what makes him special?  First of all his integration of his images and his blog really helped his images to reach an audience.  Second of all, he knows who and what to photograph as well.  Without all the high fashion fashionistas and all the famous people I think his work would have drowned out by now.  It’s not a new equation, but he just keeps us interested and I love his non egotistical approach to making these images as well.  Find out more personal things about him and how he sees thing in this documentary.


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