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Linen + Linen + Linen.. It’s getting warm & perfect for “business casual”

Details | Jacket - P Johnson in Ariston denim linen for GW | Shirt - Ascot Chang in Drake’s “vintage reserve cloth” for GW | Pantaloons - RLPL | Knit tie - Hermes | PS - Herringbone | DubMunks - Edward Green “Westminster” in suede on 888 last & Dainite sole for Leather Soul for GW

GW, a practised dresser who wears his clothes without pretension or over study, look at how easy his tie knot and pocket square are for him…

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Thanks GAWD for Friday..

Notes to stop my brog-box from filling up ;o)

  • Suit - Navy herringbone. Cotton. 3R2 SB. Twin vent. 2 x patch hip pockets. Plain front trou + 5cm cuff. Herringbone SS09
  • PS - Ecru + corn flower print. Cotton. Paul Smith SS 07
  • Felt Flower - Japan
  • Shirt - Light blue + white Bengal stripe. BD. Single cuff. Polished cotton + herringbone weave. Bespoke
  • Tie - Chocolate. Cotton knit. E. Zegna AW 07
  • Knit - Chocolate. Cashmere zip-neck. UNIQLO
  • Socks - Navy with white dots. Cotton. Pantherella
  • Shoes - Brown. Reverse calf. “Poole” C&J
  • Bag - Tan cotton/nylon tote. Porter of Japan

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