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Jeremy Hackett:

 I’d started buying that good classic British clothing second-hand in markets, I’d sell it to a friend in Paris and that went very well for a while. Than I thought ‘Why don’t I sell for myself?’ so I got that little shop – at the time it was all I could afford. The rent was £60 a week, I think, and the first week’s turnover was £1,000. I would trawl through piles of clothes at markets and find a perfect handmade Savile Row suit, at the same price as a suit you’d find in a high-street store. The type of clothes I bought and the way I edited them made it feel as though you were walking into a gentleman’s store rather than a second-hand shop.

We did second-hand for about three years and got to a point where I would go to the market and I couldn’t find enough really good-quality clothing, so I thought we should start a new line based on the same principles: what people want, what they need. I made a very small, edited range of new clothing and eventually the new clothes took over: customers were surprised by the quality of the cloth, the styling, the cut. We created a brand organically.”

Source: - Success Story: Nine Hints From Top British Clothing Retailer Jeremy Hackett


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