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A clever black and white photo book has recently been released by publisher Skira, featuring Lapo Elkann as its protagonist.

The Italians are famous for expressive gestures, and a new photo book has been revealed, proving just that. It depicts Italian entrepreneur Lapo Elkann – president and founder of Italia Independent Group and grandson of Gianni Agnelli – answering both silly and serious questions asked by prolific writer Glenn O’Brien, simply by expression, shot by renowned photographer Wayne Maser.

The title was inspired by Philippe Halsman’s book The Frenchman: A Photographic Interview, published in 1949. This new book is entirely composed of black and white images, with Maser only capturing Elkann’s face and body, while O’Brien asks questions ranging from Elkann’s personal life to his career.

"Italy is a nation filled with beauty and irony, and irony is key. This book is a joke – a joke done with quality," explains Elkann.



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How would you define the word “style”?

Lapo Elkann:

"Style to me is something that lasts. There’s also the subdivision one should make between inner-style and exterior-style. Today, sadly, everything is about exterior-style, and very little about inner-style. This causes many so-called ‘stylish’ people to believe they are more stylish than they actually are."

So what exactly is this inner-style?

Lapo Elkann:

"Inner-style to me is how you treat people as well as how you behave. It’s about being able to be the same around everyone; being fair; being honest; being brave and having morals and ethics. To me it means that whether I’m talking to you, the president, or my cleaning lady – I’m the same - I don’t change. It’s something that you rarely see in people and the industry today, but to me it’s key. If you have appearance, but you don’t have substance..uh…it’s like the foam in the cappuccino – it fades away."

GQ&A With Lapo Elkann.


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