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The latest video for Travis is a documentary about a special German shoemaker.

The title of the song ‘New shoes’ inspired Dutch filmmaker Johan Kramer to tell the amazing story of George Wessels, who makes large size shoes for the tallest people on earth.

Johan Kramer: “We worked in true documentary style and followed George in his daily routine and found out more about his craft, clients and compassion. We learned that most people who suffer from gigantism have serious health problems and can hardly move, let alone jet around the world…”

That’s why the shoemaker has visited lots of tall people regularly over the years, paying his own expenses and making the shoes for free. He made shoes for the 8’ Russian former basketball player Alexander Alekseyevich Sizonenko, the 7’8” Igor Vovkovinskiy, the 7′9″ Chinese Bao Xishun, the 7’9” china’s tallest woman Yao Defen and the tallest man on earth, Sultan Kosen who is 8’3”.

The Wessels’ family shoe company was founded in 1745 and when Georg Wessels took over 30 years ago the company started to specialize in oversized shoes. His dream is to have his own shoe museum in a few years….

George’s small shoeshop is located in the city of Vreden in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Source: Travis

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