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"Draped in all his finery, cigarette held lazily in the grip of one hand while the other taps away on his iPhone, the Pitti Peacock will smoke, chat and sun himself here in the hope of attracting the attention of the roving snappers."


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The picture street style gives is not completely accurate or real. It’s a mostly a mise en scène. I mean, when you are aware of the eye of the photographer and that he is taking pictures, you’re not natural.

Angelo Flaccavento

Source: - Pitti’s Peacocks and the Liberation of Men’s Style

“Often, photographically, the look is very stylish and very elegant, but most of the looks at Pitti are very forced. The fact that it is ‘street style’ makes it sound or look like a documentary, but it’s not a documentary; the pictures are taken during fashion week and not during the ordinary year. Brands lend clothes for these weeks, because they know they will be photographed.”

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